Golden Retrievers are friendly, intelligent, athletic and gentle dogs. They are easily trainable as they are ranked as one of the most intelligent dogs based on Stanley Coren’s”Intelligence of Dogs” Scale. This breed loves people, and does not make a great guard dog because they have a tendency to be overly social.

The breed is loyal to their family pack and accepting of strangers. These dogs are exceptionally tolerant and patient with human children. And have also been noted to have maternal instincts to other animals young that have been abandon. “Golden” dogs have been known to take over primary care of kittens and zoo animals which have lose their moms. These puppies are an energetic and fun-loving breed that loves to work.

This breed is ready to please their owners and they prefer to get a”job” to do. Due to their hard working traits and motivation to please Golden Retrieves excel at agility and obedience trails. Their willingness to learn and calmness has made Golden Retrievers the ideal dog for becoming guide dogs, mobility assistance dogs and search and rescue dogs. The Golden Retriever learns best with coaching styles that complement their gentle nature such as positive reinforcement, not harsh criticism. These dogs require daily grooming and exercise, and loves water play, activities that is only going to strengthen the bond between the dog and your family. Wildlife Removal Round Rock

Golden Benefits For Children

They are up for anything! They like to swim, they also like long walks and they love any sort of out door action! They can spend hours outdoors playing then arrive in house to cuddle and continue to play with their young people. Children gain confidence with their academic and social skills as they role play”teacher-student”, plot play with the pet. The dog will listen carefully while the young humans discuss their challenges and triumphs and consider new ideas. They match well with families and make great companions to each member without showing favoritism.

If you take the attention away, at least keep the pats coming
They want to work hard to impress you
They think that they are lap-dog dimensions, so don’t worry about making sofa space, your lap is cozier
They do not just eat meals – they eat lots of different things too, always watch what they put in their mouths
They shed moderately
Whether you depart for the day or 5 minutes – you get the same elated response every time! Very loving!
“Goldens” are extremely loyal
They want to be your best friend always
They fit nicely in families with other pets
Golden Retrievers As Part of The Family

These dogs add love and fun to any family considering a dog. Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being direct dogs due to their docile demeanor. They also have been noted to help children with disabilities learn academic and social skills as they are open minded, supportive companion, who demonstrate affection and inclusiveness. Any family and child can learn more about the love, attention and memories a Golden Retriever will add.

Would you consider a this breed for your family? Do you have a Golden Retriever already? Tell us about them!

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The Joy of Golden Retrievers

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